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1:00 a.m. - 2010-03-11
Tips and Tricks of House Cleaning
Safe and easy house cleaning.

How to do a perfect house cleaning?! Every one recognize that a clean household is a safer house. You desire
to eliminate stain, germs, junk, mites, and pollutants and get
a clean, comforted, well-preserved house.

On the other hand, harsh cleaners are pollutants
themselves, at least most of them.

I mean, let's be real - if normal cleaning products cleaned great,
there would not have been a need to create better cleaners for house cleaning. Nobody would have wasted the additional money if what
they were already using worked so OK.

Trust me, I've tried out all the vinegar, baking soda, bleach and
even dryer sheet solutions for my house cleaning. It is a waste of your time and energy.

Now I will state that vinegar is a great disinfectant, however not a
very good cleaner - except maybe on windows. I realize that many another people suggest using it, and love doing so, however I am personally not a huge fan.

Bleach is great for getting rid of stains, mold and mildew, and
disinfecting, however you can't get it on your metal. Or it will pit it.
You do not wish getting it on your clothes, or towels, or your
pretty shower curtain. It's smart to wear gloves when
you use it. Also the fumes can be horrible. It's all-important to do a risk-free house cleaning job.

Applying alcohol does work great on chromium-plate, but that's
pretty much it.

What about commercial biological cleaners? Are they useful for house cleaning?

Those products work fantastic for maintaining. They will do a very well
job of observing your home clean, when it's clean to start with,
and you keep up with it . I
personally love Method products. They smell fantastic. It's just
like aromatherapy while you clean.

Therefore, if you wish to use Eco-friendly cleansing products in your
home on a regular basis, you first have to bring out the
big guns and clean, from top to bottom.

And Then, you have to stay to with it on a regular basis so you
do not gain a build up that will require bringing out the big
guns at you next house cleaning. Does that make sense?

Now I am certain that sounds like tons work, however in fact,
when you have a fantastic system, you will spend way less time
cleaning the house. That makes house cleaning tasks exiting and easy.

What is my secret of house cleaning? I will prove you how to make everything clean in the first place, without
overwhelming yourself doing it - and then I will show you an easy system
to preserve it clean with almost no effort. If you'd rather not
spend a lot of time cleaning the house, make sure to pick
follow those rules. You will be stunned at how clean your home can
get with such tiny effort. Remember, our goal is to make house cleaning chores exiting and simple.

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